Skedco Patient Simulator

Skedco® is introducing new (patent pending) patient simulators that will solve many of the problems rescue trainers encounter with mannequins. These patient simulators will be used in place of rigid mannequins to simulate weight, size and shape of a real patient.
They are bladders made of a very rugged material that can be filled with water to simulate whatever weight is desired for your rescue training event. The amount of weight can be adjusted by the amount of water used to fill the simulator. This will also allow you to change the size of the patient.

Simply use a garden hose to fill it at the head end and open the larger valve at the foot end to drain it. The average size simulator can be made to weigh up to 250 pounds while the bariatric model can be made to weigh up to 625 pounds  Because it is pliable, it is more like packaging a live patient.

After use you simply drain the water and fold it for storage in its’ carrying bag and it will weigh from 9 pounds (Average Size) and 11 pounds (Bariatric) while taking up very little space. This will eliminate the need to carry and transport heavy mannequins to and from the training site and reduce the storage requirement. This is a win-win scenario that will make your training preparation and mannequin storage a lot easier.

  • H72” x W21” x D6”
  • 30 Gallons Capacity (Average Size), 75 Gallons Capacity (Bariatric)
  • Weight Up to 250 lbs (Average Size), Up to 625 lbs (Bariatric)
  • Dry weight 9 lbs (Average Size), 11 lbs (Bariatric)

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