Salamander Technologies, Inc. MOBILE™ and MOBILE PIV™ Achieve Motorola Solutions Validation

Traverse City, MI, December 12, 2011Salamander Technologies announced today that its MOBILE™ and MOBILE PIV™ software has been validated by Motorola Solutions. 

The Motorola Solutions’ Validated Solution Program includes joint testing at the Motorola Solution Center located in Holtsville, New York. MOBILE™ software provides barcode and smart card reading to identify and track personnel and companies at an incident, emergency or field event. MOBILE PIV™ software provides 3-factor identity verification for federally issued smart cards including transportation workers (TWIC), military IDs (CAC), and other FIPS 201 smart cards. Salamander Technologies’ MOBILE™ and MOBILE PIV™ were granted the Motorola Solutions Validated™ Software logo through its program. 

This designation will help assure customers and partners of system interoperability between Motorola devices and Salamander Technologies’ applications/solutions.

Salamander Technologies’ MOBILE™ software allows the scanning of high-capacity ID cards to identify and track first responders, volunteers, and victims during incidents. Previously geared to read high-capacity barcodes, the new MOBILE™ software can now also read smart cards using Motorola’s MC75A-HF RFID mobile computer. Smart card IDs can be used to track individuals or groups of personnel such as fire companies, police squads, or industrial security and safety teams.
Salamander Technologies’ MOBILE PIV™ software provides 3-factor identity verification of federal smart cards: what you have (the card), what you know (a PIN) and who you are (biometric/fingerprint). Besides verifying identities, MOBILE PIV™ software can track federal employees and workers as part of an event or incident – providing transactional data for on-scene incident command or off-scene web reports. MOBILE PIV™ uses the Motorola MC75A mobile computer equipped with a Biometric Smart Card Reader (BSCR). In Oct. 2011, MOBILE PIV™ and the MC75 received Transportation Worker Identification Credentials (TWIC) Initial Capability Evaluation (ICE) approval from the Transportation Security Administration, demonstrating the ability to read and verify TWIC under various use scenarios.
“Adding smart-cards to our MOBILE™ solution is a break-through,” stated Russ Miller, Salamander’s President. “Now our customers can take advantage of inherent smart card features such as contactless read, read/write, dual applications such as door access control/accountability, and so called ‘company tracking’ – the ability to form and modify teams of people tracked as groups in our applications. Also, with the MC75A HF RFID unit, our customers can still read barcodes so they are backward compatible with any of our legacy ID cards and solutions.”
“Our MOBILE PIV™ application takes identity verification and site security to a new level,” added Rob Jones, Salamander’s CTO. “Not only can we verify the identities of federal employees and workers, but we also can bring them into an incident or event context to track them as responders, volunteers, or even evacuees. All data, including their PIV status (accept, provisional, reject), is captured in our system and is made available to incident managers whether on-scene or off-scene. This is unique in the industry – identity verification and personnel tracking from the tag to the web!”
Motorola Solutions’ Validated Program enables partners to test and validate their mobility solutions on Motorola Solutions products to help ensure interoperability and meet the customer application-specific needs, as well as reduce both the risk level and the time to deployment for the customer. Working closely with engineering teams, MOBILE™ has been tested and co-validated on select products, including the MC75A-HF RFID mobile computer, and MOBILE PIV™ has been tested and co-validated on the MC75A mobile computer equipped with a Biometric Smart Card Reader (BSCR).
The terms of the validation, including disclaimers, are set forth in the Test Agreement between Motorola Solutions and Salamander Technologies and the Validated Test Report.
About Salamander Technologies
Salamander Technologies is the nation’s leading provider of tracking solutions and field-based incident management tools. Salamander’s pedigree lies in its ability to create high-capacity ID cards and site passes and then use those cards to track anyone at the site of an incident, including first responders, mutual aid, victims, evacuees, visitors, and others. The company’s “Data-in-the-Tag™” advantage uses PDF 417 barcodes, RFID, and smart card technologies to increase site security, health and safety, time savings, and federal reimbursements. 

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