Road Rescue

Road Rescue showcased three vehicles at the Fire Department Instructors Conference in Indianapolis, each showing design improvements that increase vehicle durability and safety while streamlining maintenance.

New ambulances from the company featured seatbelt system sensors similar to those found in most automobiles. The system will alert the driver when an attendant is not properly belted into the squad bench or attendant seat. According to Road Rescue, the seatbelt mechanism itself is an advanced system that allows for greater restraint, yet offers quick-release capabilities. Class One ES-Key electrical systems have been incorporated into Road Rescue’s ambulances reducing the amount of wiring needed, reducing installation time and material costs.

The system allows for remote, real-time diagnostics and troubleshooting from remote locations which streamlines maintenance and reduces vehicle downtime.

The new vehicles also displayed Road Rescue’s single-panel sidewalls and concealed hinges. The design improves the ambulance body style and look as well as durability. It adds to the structural integrity of the body, reduces maintenance and improves the “closing quality” of the doors, according to Road Rescue.

A new modular design provides more space in the cab and the body which improves comfort for the driver, paramedics and patients, says the company.

“In developing these new vehicles, our goal was to offer features that make them safer for drivers, emergency technicians and patients,” said Randy Knors, president of Road Rescue. “Road Rescue is a recognized leader in our industry for introducing new technology that improves safety durability and ease of use – key items of importance to customers.”

Knor said the company’s decision to include seatbelt sensors was driven by the increased frequency of ambulance runs and the need to protect emergency workers.

“Each year, ambulance passengers are needlessly injured further during transport when attendants topple on them,” Knor said. “Our system offers extra reminders and encourages attendants to utilize best practices.”

Improvement to Road Rescue’s ambulance electrical systems was the company’s acknowledgement that its products are “in service for life,” said Knor. “We want them to spend as much time as possible performing as well as possible.”

Based in Marion, S.C., Road Rescue was established in 1976 and designs and manufacturers custom modular ambulances and specialty vehicles. The company is a subsidiary of Spartan Motors.

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