Retired Fire Chief Pens Reflection on Life as Volunteer Firefighter

“Fire Chief” by Edward Daniels shares experiences and sacrifices known only to these brave citizens.


GOLDEN, Colo. (MMD Newswire) June 29, 2011 – – Edward Daniels recalls his life as a volunteer firefighter in Colorado in his novel based on actual events, “Fire Chief” (ISBN1456351761). The book takes readers into the heat which countless volunteer firefighters face every day throughout the United States.

 "Fire Chief" by Edward Daniels

Most people don’t realize that those firefighters and medics who respond to fires and accidents in rural areas are almost always volunteers. These first responders sacrifice time with their families and their careers to dedicate their lives to the citizens they protect.


While he fictionalizes his characters and locations, Daniels bases “Fire Chief” on actual experiences and encounters. The narrator recalls his life as a volunteer firefighter who attempts to balance the load of raising a family, managing a career and maintaining an active fire and rescue role in the Colorado mountains. Readers go along for the journey as the firefighter grows into an expert leader who eventually retires and reflects on his lifetime of bravery and public service.


“I want people to understand what their neighbors and friends are going through as volunteer firefighters and medics,” Daniels said. “I want others to be inspired to volunteer and to see for themselves what life is like as a volunteer first responder.”


“Fire Chief” provides a window into a volunteer’s exciting moments and unexpected turns during a typical day on the beat. The story aims to educate readers on the level of commitment required of these volunteers, and the emotional toll such a sacrifice takes on their families and relationships.


“Fire Chief” is available for sale online at and other channels.


"Fire Chief" by Edward Daniels About the Author:

Edward Daniels spent more than 14 years with Colorado’s Foothills Fire and Rescue as a firefighter, officer, board member and chief before he retired. Daniels is a business consultant and has been an executive with several technology and healthcare corporations for almost three decades. The author holds degrees in industrial engineering and psychology. He serves on the board of directors of the Highland Rescue Team Ambulance District in Colorado.


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