Ram Air Introduces Boot-Drying Accessory

LOVELAND, COLORADO – Ram Air Gear Dryer, a manufacturer of gear dryers made exclusively for drying personal protective equipment (PPE), recently introduced a boot-drying accessory for the company’s 4-IHT model. The new boot-dryer fits easily into one of the four drying ports. With this new accessory, fire departments and emergency service organizations will have the ability to dry eight boots per accessory, or up to 32 boots at one time.

The optional boot-drying accessory can be ordered with new 4-IHT models or can be added to 4-IHT models currently on the market. By allowing for inverted drying, Ram Air’s 4-IHT model is able to dry hazmat, immersion, and dive suits that standard gear dryers cannot accommodate while still drying standard bunker gear and accessories. Each of the machine’s four drying positions features adjustable height to properly dry specific sizes of gear. The 4-IHT quickly and efficiently dries PPE without turning gear inside out and causing damage to the gear. Since it operates using ambient air, manufacturer’s warranties remain intact and Ram Air’s 4-IHT models are NFPA-compliant.

For more information, visit www.ramairgeardryer.com.

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