Panasonic Upgrades Toughbook PDRC

Panasonic Solutions Company introduced a new Toughbook Permanent Display Removable Computer (PDRC), which combines a vehicle-mounted display and full-functioning keyboard for heightened accessibility inside public safety vehicles.

Upgrades to the PDRC, according to the company, include a brighter touchscreen display, improved user visibility and a reduction in connection cables.

With an integrated vehicle-mounted display and keyboard, the upgraded PDRC works seamlessly with other Toughbook mobile computers such as the Toughbook U1, H1 Field, 19 and 31.

Supporting Windows 7, the PDRC provides a secure and ergonomic system for transferring mission-critical data in the field, according to Panasonic, and helps broaden the functionality of ultra-mobile devices to include activities such as writing detailed reports.

The 12.1-inch PDRC’s sunlight-viewable touchscreen ranges are optimal for use in both pitch dark and extreme sunlight. The LCD display is 40 percent brighter than the previous Toughbook PDRC, adds easy-to-access USB ports and includes a durable backlit keyboard. With a spill-proof keyboard, it allows, first responders to perform their jobs in any conditions.

“The improved Toughbook PDRC is the perfect tool for departments seeking total flexibility in their in-vehicle computing solution,” said Dave Poulin, senior business development manager for Panasonic Solutions.

Panasonic has simplified the installation process for the PDRC, reducing the connection cables from five to three. Public safety users also have the ability to mount the PDRC independently from the connected Toughbook mobile computer for easy viewing and access.

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