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Seating Trends for Medics in Ambulance Patient Modules

Protecting medics in the backs of ambulances is a big concern among ambulance manufacturers and emergency medical services providers.

Fire Industry Today: GPS Fleet Tracking Expedites Emergency Response, Increases Driver Accountability

A fleetwide vehicle GPS tracking system can expedite emergency dispatching and response by providing the real-time location of every vehicle in the fleet on a 24/7 basis.

Chief Concerns: Challenges of EMS

It is hard to find too many negatives associated with fire-based EMS, but there are some challenges that need to be addressed, and some changes need to be made.

Special Delivery: Horton Ambulance Builds Type 1 ALS Rig for West Carrollton (OH) Fire...

The West Carrollton Fire Department is a longstanding customer of Horton Ambulance, so when the department needed to replace an aging ambulance, it called on Horton to build its new rig but made a change in the type of ambulance it typically runs—from a Type 3 to a Type 1.

Council Approves Nearly $1M in New Rigs for Texas Fire Department

The council approved allocating $274,000 toward the purchase of a new 2020 Frazer Type 1 Ambulance for the fire department.

Hampton County (GA) Welcomes Ambulance

Hampton County has welcomed a new ambulance to its fleet

400-Pound Patient Falls in Back Room of “Tetris-Like” Home

Binder Lift shares a success story involving an injured patient who needed a helping hand to get up.

REV Ambulance Group Announces Vice President of Sales

Overseeing the sales teams for Horton, American Emergency Vehicles (AEV), Leader, Wheeled Coach, Road Rescue, Frontline and McCoy-Miller, George reports into Anoop Prakash, Ambulance Division president, REV Group.

ImageTrend Aware Mobile App Now Available

This easy-to-use app allows users to access information from multiple ImageTrend products in one integrated solution, even if you work with multiple agencies.

Ready for the New Fire Truck Standard: NFPA 1900?

If you write purchasing specifications or are contemplating purchasing a new fire truck for structural attack, a grass fire truck, a crash truck for your airport, or an ambulance, you might want to do some research into this proposed standard.

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