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Morgan County EMS (WV) Opens EMS Station

Morgan County EMS has started operating out of its new station

American Emergency Vehicles® Introduces Firstar™ to Its Lineup

The AEV Firstar uses modern and durable gel-coated fiberglass throughout for the cabinetry, including basewall cabinet work areas, and the squad bench.

ImageTrend Patient Registry Ready for NTDB 2021

The timeliness of this update ensures that hospitals are able to accurately and efficiently collect information on their 2021 patients.

Bucyrus Fire Department (OH) Welcomes Ambulance

The Bucyrus Fire Department has welcomed the city's newest ambulance

ImageTrend Elite™ Completes ET3 Compliance Testing

Soon, agencies using ImageTrend Elite will be able to submit data directly to CMS, allowing them to choose the best possible treatment plan for the patient and ensure proper reimbursement.

Corpus Christi (TX) Receiving $4M Worth of Fire Equipment Upgrades

Corpus Christi officials have approved the replacement of several aged ambulances and fire trucks

Bay County (FL) EMS Seeks Three New Ambulances with COVID-19 Aid

The Bay County Commission will vote on whether to approve the purchase of three new ambulances using federal COVID-19 aid money

Two Houston (TX) Firefighters Hurt When Suspected Impaired Driver Slams into Ambulance

The injuries to the two firefighters were believed to be minor. They were taken to the hospital as a precaution.

Lighting Options on Ambulances

Lighting manufacturers offer a wide array of choices for warning, scene, and interior lighting on ambulances. Such lighting is typically made up of a variety of LED models that are being placed on the front, sides, and rear; in compartments; on the undercarriage; and inside the rigs.

Seating Trends for Medics in Ambulance Patient Modules

Protecting medics in the backs of ambulances is a big concern among ambulance manufacturers and emergency medical services providers.

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