Pace (FL) Receives New Equipment from Grant

Pace Fire and Rescue (FL) is getting ready to utilize the latest in life-saving technology.

The Lifepak 15 is the latest in emergency medical equipment. Pace Fire and Rescue received grant money from the state to buy two units adding them to their arsenal.

Lt. Danny Murphy said, “It’s more advanced care quicker. We work in partnership with lifeguard ambulance service, but a lot of times we beat them to the scene by several minutes. That more advanced care can be started sooner. It’s better for the patient.”

The Lifepak gathers a battery of vital information from the patient and can even act as a defibrillator to restart the heart. And the unit has state of art connectivity that saves time and could save lives.

Murphy added, “Also able to wirelessly transmit the interpretations to the hospital. So even before the patient gets there, the doctor can evaluate the information and know how he wants to treat that patient when they arrive.”

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