New Motorola Incident Management Tools

Motorola, Inc introduced Incident Scene Management, a wireless broadband solutions suite for first responder commanders and other public safety at the Fire Rescue International exhibition in Dallas.

The comprehensive set of video-based communications tools are designed for responders and government officials who must manage large-scale emergencies, according to Motorola.

Incident Scene Management solutions combine easily deployable applications, devices and networks that provide commanders with data and information needed to make critical decisions effecting the best use of available resources, according to Motorola.

The complexity of a large-scale incident, such as an oil refinery or chemical plant mishap, could involve hundreds of hazardous material handlers, emergency medical services personnel and other first responders, making coordination efforts extremely complicated without the aid of instant, on-site video and data communications. Incident Scene Management enables first responders to share vital incident scene information, according to the maker.

Included in the set of tools is a portable video pod consisting of a video camera and tripod, wireless router and portable power supply. The video pod’s plug-and-play capability helps expedite setup. Pan-tilt-zoom cameras allow personnel at incident scene mobile command centers to visually survey a particular area in real-time.

The images can be recorded and stored for documentation and evaluation after the fact, as well as for training purposes. These recordings can be used as evidence or to facilitate incident scenario planning.

It is optimized for use on Motorola’s MOTOMESH network, which offers a high-bandwidth, self-forming, ad hoc network to first responders and commanders who can share large text and data files, conduct quick research, view streaming video from or at remote sites within the incident scene area, as well as communicate with each other.

MOTOMESH, Motorola’s multi-radio broadband mesh network solution, leverages the licensed 4.9GHz public safety frequency, giving first responders and commanders a private network for effective Incident Scene Management. The MOTOMESH Network is part of the Motorola MOTOwi4 portfolio of wireless broadband solutions and services that creates, complements and completes IP networks.

Transmitting Videos

“Motorola’s new Incident Scene Management suite gives first responders the ability to transmit video of an incident while using white board technology over the same network that allows them to share maps and blueprints,” said Michael Fabbri, director of Data Solutions Operations, Motorola Networks & Enterprise.

Using the tool, first responders can make notes and drawings of deployment strategies on the maps and blueprints, transmit text messages, and share other forms of data in real-time.

“These additional, critical capabilities are offered from Motorola Application Developers whose applications are validated on the Motorola MOTOMESH network,” Fabbri said. “Since the network uses a dedicated public safety spectrum, first responders and commanders can maintain secure and private communications as a stand-alone network when fixed communication infrastructure is destroyed or inoperable.”

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