Hannay Reels to Present Full Line of Rescue Reels at FDIC 2012

WESTERLO, NY—Hannay Reels will exhibit a variety of rescue hose and cable reels specifically designed for firefighting applications in booth #3231 at FDIC 2012.

Visitors to the booth may enter to win a compact portable cable reel including 100 feet of 14/3 cable. Equipped with a storage drum extension, this lightweight, durable reel easily manages long lengths of cable. The versatile C16-10-11-DE also features an adjustable cam-lock drag device to brake the reel, as well as a crank handle permanently attached to the disc.

Hannay Reels will also showcase a variety of firefighting and rescue reels designed to maximize vehicle space limitations and provide quick deployment when needed most. The rugged Superbooster electric rewind hose reel, SBEPF28-25-26 RT, includes a switch and solenoid for hose unwinding from the top right portion of the reel. It is constructed with polished aluminum and weighs 30 percent less than a standard booster reel.

The new compact reel, ELFCR 1620-14-16 RT, is designed with a low height to handle live electric cable and includes a chain and sprocket drive powered by an electric gear motor. The Hannay hydraulic rescue reel, ESF 2018-14-16 RT H10.5M, manages dual hydraulic hose for power rescue tools and offers optimized space requirements while handling 100 feet of 1/4-inch I.D.

Hannay will also display a compact electric rewind rescue hose reel, EFL 1520-17-18, for low-pressure breathing air. This model features a standard frame and is equipped with stainless-steel internal construction. Visitors will also be able to view the new swing out hose reel, SWEPFF, for aircraft rescue and firefighting applications. This newly released model mounts inside truck cabinets and pulls out for accessibility and ease of operation.

For more information, visit www.hannay.com.

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