Grant for Springfield (OH) Will Help Purchase Fire Equipment

The Springfield Fire/Rescue Division will purchase new cots and stair chairs to move patients more safely with a grant from the Ohio Bureau of Workers’ Compensation.


The grant is worth about $33,000 and requires an $11,000 local match.

The city commission recently approved an emergency ordinance for the grant, expecting the costs for the equipment to rise next year.

The new equipment will make it easier for medics to move people from their homes into an ambulance, Springfield Fire Chief Nick Heimlich said. It will help medics move the patients safely and reduce the risk of injury.

The division will receive nine stair chairs, including one with a stair chair power trax system, and nine stair chair restraint systems and head immobilizers. They will also receive two power flex cots and charging stations, as well as oxygen brackets, soft nets and bariatric boards with pins and mattresses.

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