Fountain Hills (AZ) Ambulance Service Enhanced

Fountain Hills Fire Chief Randy Roberts, a Rural/Metro employee, said the company is making it a priority to assure service standards within Fountain Hills despite a move earlier this summer by Rural/Metro Corp. to file for Chapter 11 bankruptcy.

The company recently assigned a third ambulance unit to operate part-time out of Fountain Hills.

Roberts said in researching information to answer questions posed by The Times, he found that the average ambulance time for Fountain Hills is eight minutes on 90 percent of all emergency transports.

That is two minutes less than the response time required by the CON under which the company operates.

The response time outline in the CON identifies nine “sub-operating” stations, including Fountain Hills.

From those locations the response time requirements are 10 minutes, 90 percent of the time; 15 minutes, 95 percent of the time; and 20 minutes 100 percent of the time on all emergency transports.

The current Rural/Metro CON was issued in February 2011 and expires at the end of November.

According to Roberts, the department’s primary concern is getting Advanced Life Support emergency personnel to the patient in the least amount of time.

The ambulance configuration currently within Fountain Hills has a unit based in Station No. 2, but is usually posted during daytime hours at Station No. 1 on Palisades Boulevard.

That is the primary location for ambulance posting in town, according to Roberts.

A second ambulance is based in the Fry’s shopping center off Shea Boulevard at Eagle Mountain Parkway. This unit is normally posted at this location when it is in town.

The most recent ambulance is assigned to operate from 12 noon to 12 midnight in Fountain Hills.

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