First Line Technology Partners with Athena GTX

CHANTILLY, VA–First Line Technology, LLC, a small business provider of Out of the Box Solutions, announced that it will begin selling products from Athena GTX® to deliver high-quality, innovative wireless monitors that, along with the AmbuBus®, Bus Stretcher Conversion Kit, and other First Line Disaster Preparedness and Response (DPR) products, will enable municipalities and organizations to better their emergency response capabilities.

The WVSM (Wireless Vital Signs Monitor) from Athena GTX monitors non-invasive blood pressure (NIBP), oxygen saturation (SpO2), and three lead electrocardiogram (ECG). The monitor is small enough to mount onto a blood pressure cuff, making it ideal for point of injury care and use on First Line’s AmbuBus for mass casualty transport and response, which can be used during the evacuation of hospitals, nursing homes, or other mass care facilities during emergencies. The device itself is a small, rugged, highly mobile monitor, and the software used by the WSVM can be used wirelessly with any portable computer equipped with Windows XP and WiFi and is capable of capturing up to 4.5 hours of patient data and trending for up to 20 patients, then easily transmitted to casualty receiving facilities. Use of the WVSM with the Apple iPod or iPad is currently in BETA testing.

Teaming the AmbuBus with the Athena GTX WSVM should provide an opportunity for cities, states, and emergency preparedness and response agencies to better their disaster preparedness plans, something First Line is continually striving for. First Line’s DPR division develops and distributes equipment to aid in evacuation, sheltering, and pandemic operations.

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