Magnalight.com by Larson Electronics has released a low voltage version of its 7 watt LED work light with integrated cord reel that incorporates an inline power transformer to step down common 120 VAC current to 12VDC for low voltage applications. Producing more light than a 100 watt incandescent hand lamp, the Magnalight EHL-LED-120X12-100 hand lamp provides operators in hazardous locations with a low voltage source of high quality LED illumination. Class 1, Division 1 rated for Groups C and D and suitable for locations where flammable vapors and gases are present; this LED hand lamp includes 100 feet of SOOW cord for ample light mobility.

Designed to provide a low voltage light source of exceptional brightness, the EHL-LED-120X12-100 LED drop light incorporates a 12 volt, 7 watt LED lamp and inline power transformer to produce a low voltage LED light source surpassing 100 watt incandescent lamps in both brightness and light quality. Constructed of steel and aluminum, this explosion proof LED hand lamp is Class 1, Division 1 rated for Groups C and D and certified to CSA standard C22.2 No. 12 and CSA standard C22.2 No. 137. The light produced by this low voltage explosion proof drop light is much whiter and brighter than a typical 100 watt incandescent equipped drop light.

The good contrast and color rendering of this units’ LED lamp produces truer color and sharper definition for more effective operation during close work and inspection activities. 100 feet of included SOOW cord ending in a straight blade plug allows users to easily connect to standard wall outlets outside of the hazardous work area, yet still have enough length left for good mobility. Suitable for damp areas and indoor or outdoor use, this work lamp is very durable, with an LED lamp that resists damage from impacts or vibrations and a housing constructed of epoxy coated steel and bare aluminum for added protection. A rubber bumper guard and aluminum swivel hook allows this lamp to be hung from suitable objects without damage from bumping or rattling. The included inline power transformer allows this 12 volt unit to operate from 110-120VAC and is sealed to resist intrusion from water and other contaminants. The low voltage operation and 7 watt LED lamp in this unit results in a cool running drop light that won burn the skin if accidentally touched as would happen with an incandescent drop light.

For more information, visit www.magnalight.com.

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