Columbus (MS) First with New Equipment for Ambulance

The ambulance service at Baptist Memorial Hospital – Golden Triangle is the first service in Mississippi to have power load equipment installed on all of its active ambulances, according to the manufacturer of the equipment.

The installation of the Stryker lift system on each of the six frontline ambulances in the hospital’s eight-ambulance fleet represents a $160,000 investment by the hospital.

The equipment uses a system of hydraulics and ball bearings mounted to the floor of the ambulance to lift the stretcher and slide it in and out of the back of the ambulance, explained Mitchell.

A patient can be loaded in and out of the unit in the same amount of time as the traditional way, but it is safer for the patient and the EMTs, he said.

The system is also rated to keep the stretcher secure inside the ambulance in the event of a side impact or a rollover.

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