Clear Lake (IA) Buys Ambulance

The Clear Lake City Council approved the purchase of a 2014 four-wheel drive diesel trunk-mount ambulance at a cost of $158,809.

Assistant Fire Chief Mike Keefe said the truck mount was preferable because when the chassis wears out, the patient-care box could be lifted off the old chassis and mounted onto a new one, saving the city money. He estimated the same box could be re-mounted approximately three times.

The new ambulance was purchased from Klockes Emergency Sales in Dixon (IL). It will take about six months for delivery.

According to City Administrator Scott Flory, one of the city’s units, a 1995 ambulance purchased in 2005 for $25,000, was taken out of service because of operational issues and was sold as scrap to a local junk yard for approximately $2,200.

This left the department with a 2013 unit which was bought in October 2012 to replace a 2006 model and a 2000 unit which was purchased used from the city of Garner in 2009 for $20,000.

The city received three ambulance bids. The other two at $134,5189 and $146,547 were for van-style chassis.

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