City of Reading (OH) Fire Department Selects SafetyPAD EMS Information Systems

MINNEAPOLIS, MN – OPEN Incorporated, makers of the SafetyPAD® software Suite of products for fire and emergency medical services, announces a contract with the City of Reading, Ohio, for implementation of OPEN’s electronic Patient Care Reporting system-SafetyPAD®. The Reading (OH) Fire Department (RFD) provides a full range of services to more than 11,000 people in the City of Reading and Village of Arlington Heights.

Last year, the men and women of the RFD responded more than 1,900 times to come to the aid of their neighbors. The RFD award comes on the heels of the recent SafetyPAD® ePCR system launch for the Cincinnati Fire Department.

OPEN will begin installation and training for The City of Reading Fire Department during the summer of 2012. The project is slated for completion by the end of 2012. RFD will be using SafetyPAD® to enhance the accuracy of information gathering on emergency medical calls and provide more accurate and timely information to hospital staff by gathering information real-time from patients in the field and communicating that information directly to the hospital.

Through SafetyPAD®’s Web-based Enterprise Reporting and CaseFlow modules, the software will provide detailed analysis of calls, procedures, status of report preparation, monitoring and corrective action requirements, as well as customizable reports to meet elected officials and the public’s need for information. SafetyPAD®’s Bio-View module will allow near “real-time” information to be sent to key personnel in the event of catastrophic or widespread conditions occur that could affect the public’s need for medical response. The department will be able to provide rapid, appropriate and timely response based upon current conditions in the field. Quality Assurance and improvement in patient care is a high priority for the Department, and OPEN Inc. is proud to be a part of this project

This also is the start of a new partnership between SafetyPAD and Medicount Management ( The City of Reading has contracted billing services with Medicount for many years and was one of their first accounts. Over the years Medicount has provided much more than a mere billing service. Medicount has been a valuable resource in continually evaluating RFD’s systems and processes to maximize its revenues for the services RFD delivers.

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