Chemical Oxygen Generator

Combat Critical Care Corporation, a subsidiary of Pacific Precision Products, announces the launch of the O2PAK™ chemical oxygen generator.

The O2PAK provides the capability to provide oxygen, immediately at the point of contactb thereby increasing chances of survival and recovery in cases of life-threatening injury.

The O2PAK is suitable for units operating in abnormal and remote environments who are exposed to a high risk of serious injury – these include search and rescue teams, disaster relief organizations, special operations forces, early entry and rapidly mobile land forces, airborne forces, marines, navy divers, demining/ EOD engineers, peacekeeping forces, and SWAT teams.

The O2PAK is a compact, lightweight, handheld unit. It is activated within seconds, delivering 99 percent pure oxygen at a flow-rate of  four to eight LPM for 20-25 minutes in any position (vertical, horizontal). The O2PAK is a single-use/disposable source of oxygen that can be very rapidly deployed and activated in the most challenging or stressful  situations.

The O2PAK has been specifically designed to address field requirements and is qualified for use in hostile and inaccessible environments (extreme high/low temperatures, pressure, humidity) as well as high altitudes (up 12 000 m/40 000 feet). Extensive scientific research and development and testing has been done under a wide variety of operational conditions to prove safety and efficacy – these include medical, ballistic, blast and fire tests.  The O2PAK has been cleared by the  FDA.

The O2PAK is not pressurized, requires no filling or mixing, no maintenance, and has a shelf life of four years. Solid-state chemical oxygen is used to produce oxygen. It does not require electricity, battery connection, or recharging and can be stored under severe conditions for prolonged periods, immediately ready for use when required.

The O2PAK is also ideal for storage and readily-available use firefighting vehicles and helicopters.

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