Blue Ash (OH) Receives Grant for Fire Equipment

The Blue Ash Fire Department (OH) recently received a grant worth $24,470 from the Ohio Bureau of Workers’ Compensation.

The grant will be used to purchase two LUCAS 2’s and a ROLLNRACK Hose Roller. This is the second Safety Intervention Grant BAFD has been granted in the past month.

The LUCAS 2 provides uninterrupted chest compressions at a consistent rate and depth, following American Heart Guidelines, during cardiac arrest incidents. This equipment also helps reduce the amount of manual pushing and pulling motions associated with performing CPR by EMS staff, which not only benefits the patient but also Blue Ash paramedics by reducing fatigue and lower back injuries associated with prolonged manual chest compressions. Additionally, the LUCAS 2 will reduce the interruptions associated with transferring patients in narrow hallways, doors, and into the back of an ambulance while greatly reducing the risk of a fall injury during transport.

The ROLLNRACK Hose Roller system will help reduce the likelihood of injuries associated with lifting large, heavy, wet hoses. Firefighters are required to drain water from the hose, roll the hose, move the hose back to the apparatus and load the hose onto the truck. Just one 100’ section of the 5″ diameter hose weighs 113 pounds without water. In total, the fire department carries 1000′ of 5″ supply hose on each of its 4 apparatuses with pumping capabilities. Aside from its use on large fire scenes where multiple hose lines are used to extinguish a fire, the Fire Department tests all of its hoses each year to assure the hose is in compliance with NFPA standards. The ROLLNRACK will help BAFD be more efficient in its operations, as well as help reduce potential injuries.

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