Ashburn Hill Apparel Eliminates Layering

Ashburn Hill’s new protective apparel, TECGEN XTREME, is dual-certified to meet the National Fire Protection Association standards for both wildland firefighting (NFPA 1977-2005) and technical rescue ensemble (NFPA 1951-2007). 

“There aren’t many products on the market that can meet both specifications without extra layering for protection,” said Jon Heard, company president. “This apparel provides the needed protection without the added bulk.”

Firefighters sometimes wear heavy-duty turnout gear, to their own discomfort, in scenarios that don’t require all the protection such suits provide. In a single layer, the new apparel provides a comfortable, breathable alternative that is compliant for up to 75 percent of firefighting responses, according to the company.  

Since the product has a higher total heat loss than turnout gear, Heard said it keeps the body cooler. “This reduces the risk of heat stress, which is the number-one cause of firefighter deaths,” he said. 

The company reports the new apparel excelled in its thermal protective performance test, scoring an 18.7 (8.7 points above the minimum requirement and 5.4 points above the current market leader’s fabric). 

Ashburn Hill manufactures fire-retardant apparel for industrial and firefighting applications. 

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