911 Tapes Reveal Ambulance Delays in Deadly NJ Carjacking

The release of 911 calls from last month’s fatal shooting in the parking lot of a New Jersey mall have revealed that it may have taken an ambulance far longer to reach the victim than originally stated.

Hoboken attorney Dustin Friedland died hours after being shot by carjackers on the night of December 15 in the parking garage of the Short Hills mall in Milburn, N.J. Recordings of the 911 call made by his wife, Jamie, were released to the Star-Ledger Monday.

In the call, Jamie Friedland can be heard screaming at a dispatcher who told her that an ambulance had arrived.

“We called an ambulance a half an hour ago, where is it?” Friedland says. When the dispatcher tells her that an ambulance had arrived, Friedland asks “When? When? When? Give me a time!”

Milburn, N.J. Police Chief Gregory Weber told the Star-Ledger that an ambulance arrived at the mall 18 minutes after the shooting, but may have had trouble reaching Friedland because of the low entrance to the mall’s parking structure. Weber said that a stretcher was eventually rolled up the entrance ramp to the spot where the Friedlands were.

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