Special Webcast Series – White Powder Calls, COVID-19, and Beyond: PPE, Decon, and SOPs

In addition to the unfolding coronavirus crisis, white powder calls have changed once again. Fentanyl, spice, and bath salts–what are the real hazards of these unknown mixtures? Daily in the media we hear about officers exposed and people and even dogs overdosing, but there are more things out there than just opioids.

  • How do you protect yourself and your crew?
  • What kind of personal protective equipment (PPE) do you need?
  • How do we decontaminate people, trucks, and equipment?

This Webcast will review identifying unknown powders and substances and also provide an overview of COVID-19 PPE considerations and decon. This information can serve as the basis for a standard operating procedure for your department that covers size-up; PPE; and respiratory selection, decontamination, and identification.

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