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Abilene (TX) Establishing Virus Response Unit

The VRU will respond to calls where a patient may be displaying symptoms associated with COVID-19.

Dallas Firefighter Positive for COVID-19, 27 Quarantined, Fire Station Cleaned

A Dallas Fire-Rescue firefighter has been infected with COVID-19, several others are symptomatic and more than two dozen other DFR employees are in quarantine,...

Wareham, Onset (MA) Close Fire Stations to Public

The Wareham and Onset Fire Departments have closed their stations to the public, reports wareham.com. Wareham Fire Chief Matt Rowley said that while the Main...

Waterville (ME) Emergency Operations Center Addressing Coronavirus

City officials are working long hours to ensure Waterville is addressing the coronavirus pandemic, reports CentralMaine.com. The Emergency Operations Center is at the Fire...

St. Charles (MO) Hosting Virtual Fire Station Tour

The St. Charles Fire Department will continue to share Facebook Live videos that feature different topics, reports KDSK 5. All in-person tours and other non-essential...

Cantankerous Wisdom: COVID-19

What started out as my usual crabby, cranky, and contemptuous outlook on things happening in the fire service has taken a sharp turn into stark reality. The Raisin Squad got banned from the firehouse!

IAFC to Congress: Include T-Band Mandate Repeal in COVID-19 Stimulus Package

“We write to strongly urge you to include language that would repeal Section 6103 in Title VI of P.L. 112-96 in any stimulus legislation related to the COVID-19 pandemic,”

Onset (MA) Fire Station Closed to Public Due to Health Concerns

The Onset Fire Station has been closed to the public to avoid health risks to emergency personnel, reports The Courier & Sentinel. Firefighters are now...

Coronavirus Resources for Fire Apparatus, Ambulances, PPE, and Fire Stations

There is no hard and fast rule book for how fire department personnel should safeguard themselves from exposure to this virus. Each department will need to sort through the recommendations available and decide what fits its response plan best.

Huntersville (NC) Fire Cancels Fire Station Visits

All visits to fire stations in Huntersville are temporarily suspended for a month as a precaution for COVID-19, reports patch.com. Huntersville Fire Department responds to...

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