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Responders, Get Ready for Crazy, Big Events

Carl Haddon hopes the “takeaway” from this article that the event industry has changed, and event attendees have also changed.

ImageTrend Announces COVID-19 Vaccination Data and Reporting Solution

Elite Vax has been established for nationwide success in standardizing the process for tracking COVID-19 vaccinations, providing efficient and universal patient documentation for all providers and situations.
Image shows the Aware™ mobile app.

Free Personal Exposure Tracking Available Now

The personal exposure module in Aware is available at no cost for all public safety individuals to download and use, regardless of your records management system or ePCR vendor.

Keeping It Safe: A Pandemic of a Different Kind

Elected officials do not see the value of their fire departments and firefighters learning new and better ways to operate or learn about the latest equipment innovations and development. Sadly, neither does the public.

Keeping It Safe: COVID-19: Going Forward

At the risk of “piling on,” here is another article about COVID-19. There are many lessons learned from this worldwide pandemic. Some of these lessons will change our way of living in many areas.

East Haven (CT) Gets FEMA Grant for Coronavirus Expenses

East haven is among the 50 fire departments to receive FEMA grants to reimburse communities for COVID-19 expenses

Cleaning and Disinfecting Our Units: What We Need to Know

Since there is no Covid-19 vaccine as of this date and no proven treatment that works on all the infected, we don’t know if people who have been infected have antibodies to fight off getting infected again.

Mississauga (Canada) N95 Face Mask Supply Critically Low

Fire department members are now wearing SCBA to calls involving anyone who is sick or injured, including vehicle crashes.

Resource Bridge Captures New CDC COVID-19 Data Fields

ImageTrend, Inc. announced Resource Bridge has been updated to accommodate the rapid evolution of the CDC National Healthcare Safety Network (NHSN) to improve their COVID-19 module for Acute Care Hospitals with the addition of 11 new data collection fields.

Lake (FL) Firefighter Helping Secure PPE

Kenny Thompson, a Groveland businessman and Clermont firefighter/engineer, saw that agencies all over the country were facing shipping delays on bulk PPE orders, reports...

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