November 6, 2019
View Online | 11.1.2019

Honeywell FDIC Scholarship; Cantankerous Wisdom; E-ONE TITAN Delivery

In this month’s Cantankerous Wisdom, Bill Adams introduces us to a new group: the Roof Crew. Also be sure to read up on a new E-ONE TITAN 6×6 delivery and the latest in our “Unbox” video series: the Cambridge Sensors microDOT CO Breath Analyzer.
Chris Mc Loone, Editor

Cantankerous Wisdom: The Roof Crew and Stupid Stuff

During morning coffee with the Raisin Squad, a couple of the old geezers who were real active in the 1970s (and most are IN their 70s today) were reminiscing about the good old days and some of the “other than normal” activities of an impromptu group called the Roof Crew.

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