With the Scott Sight Pro Package, the advantages expand to include features such as hot spot tracker, suited for overhaul conditions, while cold spot tracker aids first responders in hazmat situations, such as pinpointing valve leaks.

In July, I authored an editorial titled “Just Consider It.” In it, I discussed the “Clean Cab Concept” for fire apparatus where departments are working to reduce firefighters’ exposure to contaminants, including carcinogens.
Lighting Warning Scene Portable

Code 3®’s M180™ Triple Stack combines the functionality of a warning light and the utility of a worklight into a compact, bright package for mounting on bumpers, on aftermarket push bumpers, and on the sides of any emergency vehicle. Using three rows of lighting, the M180 Triple Stack produces a bright, off-angle, 180-degree warning light...

Now that the transaction has closed and the new combined company is beginning to execute its new strategy, we thought it was a good time to talk to players from both teams to learn more about how this business venture came to be.