Although similar to the 2013 Edition and bearing the same name, some significant changes are included in the 2018 Edition of Dräger SCBA.

Should the driver/operator use an SCBA while on the scene of a working fire? And for clarity, this means actually breathing the SCBA air as opposed to simple wearing the SCBA. Based on emerging information, the answer to that question is yes!  

Through study, proper equipment, and healthy choices, the unnecessary risks can be eliminated and the rest minimized. Firefighter wellness must also include mental as well as physical programs that improve firefighters’ resilience to the byproducts of the job.

Chris Mc Loone Pat CaseCo-Owner, BA Shields CM: Provide a short overview of BA Shields, the company. PC: BA Shields is a firefighter-owned-and-operated company based out of Sparks, Nevada. We make reusable self-contained-breathing apparatus (SCBA) lens protection, which doubles as a convenient blackout training tool. Both Cody [Cavin, co-owner] and I have 20 years of...

With the Scott Sight Pro Package, the advantages expand to include features such as hot spot tracker, suited for overhaul conditions, while cold spot tracker aids first responders in hazmat situations, such as pinpointing valve leaks.