Join Fire Apparatus & Emergency Equipment Editorial Advisory Board member Ricky Riley as he describes one of the three new Pierce Ascendant aerials recently purchased by the Prince George’s County (MD) Fire/EMS Department. The compartment space on the rigs allows for future expansion along the life span of the apparatus. The aerials have short wheelbases...
FA Viewpoints

This month, we asked Editorial Advisory Board members Bill Adams (and Ricky Riley: Looking ahead to 2020, what do you want to see in the fire apparatus rolling off the line?

Compartments cannot be taken lightly in the overall design of your apparatus. Take the time to envision where all the equipment is going to be placed and how it will come out of the compartment. Challenge your manufacturer to build what is right for your department and what is right for the firefighters in the field.
Chassis Components

Engine companies have one main job: to receive water and to pump water out and put water on the fire. If we look at just the receiving part, the front inlet is a great way to be able to get water into the pump.

The ladder group and the tower group always have their arguments for which one is the best and how they will always outperform the other.