From something as simple and very often overlooked as stable footing in icy conditions being corrected with commercially available boot chains, to traffic incident management in a place where it is dark during the day in winter months, to proper arctic weather rescue tool choice and crew well-being monitoring, we all have unique and common considerations that go into our vehicle rescue operations.

The V320 has a high-resolution 320x240 sensor that allows firefighters to navigate through zero visibility conditions. Lightweight at 2.2 pounds and ruggedly durable, the V320 performs in extreme high temperature environments with minimal maintenance.
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REV Group TITAN® 6×6 Aircraft Rescue and Firefighting (ARFF) vehicle is the second configuration in E-ONE’s new line of ARFF products. With the 6×6 configuration and its new, optional, 65-foot high reach extendable turret (HRET), the TITAN 6X6 EXT offers additional capabilities and performance for today’s first responders. The E-ONE TITAN 6×6 and 6×6 EXT...
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Three-pass scans, preflashover situations, fire attack, overhaul, search and rescue, hazmat calls, motor vehicle incidents, and heat pattern identification are all areas where TICs are useful at incidents.