We’ve added lithium-ion battery fires and the accessibility problem of where these batteries are located in electric cars, more than 300 pounds of added combustible metals to new vehicles, and this wonderful new challenge of lithium-ion battery smoke. It is imperative that you do your homework and learn as much about these issues as you can.

The HERODrag is a foldable, compact, self-contained drag rescue device that can be carried with the shoulder bag or inside the coat or cargo pocket of a firefighter’s personal protective equipment.  

The company’s latest endeavor is to bring awareness to the very large issue of grain entrapment that occurs in grain storage bins, silos, transport trucks, trains, and cargo ships.

While the NFPA standard allows manufacturers to use test results completed on equivalent models of hydraulic line tools for portions of the battery tool compliance testing, AMKUS is unique in that 100 percent of the required NFPA tests were completed using the ION tools.