Engine Company

When the fire department responded, the firefighters quickly grabbed the TIC to scan the structure and knocked down the fire. Once they knocked down the fire, they performed overhaul using the TIC and declared the fire out.

The ResQmax™ is a nonpyrotechnic compressed-air-powered line thrower from Rescue Solutions International (RSI), Inc. It is innovative and intrinsically safe and does not require gun shells, cartridges, or special storage. It is specifically designed for water rescue. 

The T3 Tready Hook is a tubular steel shaft made of all steel materials. It has a four-inch hollow steel ball on one end and a solid ¼-inch steel plaster hook on the other. The ball and the hook are securely welded to the shaft, and the ends were designed for balance. It is a multipurpose tool that can be used for myriad firefighting tactics.

From something as simple and very often overlooked as stable footing in icy conditions being corrected with commercially available boot chains, to traffic incident management in a place where it is dark during the day in winter months, to proper arctic weather rescue tool choice and crew well-being monitoring, we all have unique and common considerations that go into our vehicle rescue operations.