Thermal Imaging

I recently had an opportunity to participate in a large, live-fire training weekend and engaged with many firefighters about thermal imaging (TI). To my surprise, they had a lack of knowledge about their own fire departments’ TI equipment.

Every two years, the Petzl RopeTrip brings together leading professionals, who work on ropes or at-height within any industry, for an event that displays best practices, cutting-edge technique and industry camaraderie.

The device integrates a unidirectional progress capture pulley with a descender, which greatly maximizes efficiency and limits the amount of equipment and users needed to access and evacuate casualties in vertical or confined space environments.

Technical rescue, urban search and rescue (USAR), and hazmat trucks must carry specialized rescue equipment that often is not seen on typical municipal rescue trucks. At times, the type and size of such specialized equipment require apparatus manufacturers to craft custom spaces on their trucks to accommodate them.