When determining your department’s need for TIs, as well as placement of TIs, do not forget the TI for the RIT. A properly deployed TI can help the RIT move through the structure faster and safer and find the firefighter in need more rapidly.

The HERODrag is a foldable, compact, self-contained drag rescue device that can be carried with the shoulder bag or inside the coat or cargo pocket of a firefighter’s personal protective equipment.  

JVCKENWOOD Corporation’s KWSA80K and KWSA50K LTE Handset Devices are ultra-rugged, extremely durable, submersion-resistant handsets with hardware and functional advancements designed for the hazardous and extreme conditions faced by enterprise and mission-critical users. Both models are 4G LTE/Wi-Fi/FirstNet Band 14 capable and feature KENWOOD audio for clear voice communications in noisy work environments. Comes with a...