Photo of the Day

East County Fire Protection District, Cape Girardeau, MO, pumper-tanker. International 7500 SFA cab and chassis; Cummins L9 380-hp engine; Hale MBP 750-gpm pump; and UPF Poly 2,200-gallon water tank.

Today, fire departments continue to use hose reels on their trucks, with fewer of them carrying handlines but rather holding electrical cabling, hydraulic hoses, and air lines, making reels a flexible piece of equipment that can function for an array of uses.
Apparatus Ideas

Many departments can’t always afford more complex or more expensive vehicles. However, some departments, with proper planning and working with a smaller manufacturer’s engineers, can come up with problem-solving options that they can build into a smaller vehicle to operate in their response area.

Fern Creek (KY) Fire Department pumper. Severe Service LFD cab and chassis; Cummins X12 500-hp engine; Waterous CX 1,500-gpm pump; 500-gallon polypropylene water tank; and 20-gallon foam cell.