Bergenfield’s attempt to donate a decommissioned fire truck now has an interested buyer, reports Bergenfield Councilman Barry Doll reached out to say he wanted to purchase the 1988 Hahn Pumper fire truck. Bergenfield had wanted to offer it, free, to the town of Samaná in the Dominican Republic, which needs a pumper truck. But because the truck...

The most typical pump panel locations are midmount pump panels on the driver’s side followed by top-mount panels, but then there are those in more unusual locations like the upper rear-mount location and the outboard or curbside pump panel for rear-mount pumps.

From east to west and north to south, fire departments are having manufacturers build smaller units that are carrying larger pumps and performing many functions that typically are done with Type 1 pumpers.

With the addition of 4G modems to PRO-VISION® video recording systems, users can use a 4G connection to easily track their fleet vehicles, receive event notifications and access cameras views—all in real time.