The Sherrill City Commission has unanimously approved the purchase of a new fire truck, reports Rome Sentinel. The Sherrill-Kenwood Fire Department approached the city to express their concerns about the condition and age of their fire apparatus. The city leadership has strategically budgeted $50,000 annually to create a Capital Improvement Reserve Fund to help reduce...
Photo of the Day

Melissa (TX) Fire Department pumper. Inferno cab and chassis; Cummins X12 500-hp engine; Hale 8 Qflo+ 1,250-gpm pump; 500-gallon polypropylene water tank; 30-gallon foam cell; FoamPro 2002 single agent foam system.

The Nashville (TN) Fire Department responds to more than 100,000 emergency calls per year. The department recently contracted with Toyne Fire Apparatus to engineer an additional 5 pumpers for its expanding fleet, bringing the department to 28 Toyne trucks. Nashville’s Toyne pumpers have been built on a Spartan Metro Star MFD 10-inch raised-roof cab and...

Port Huron (MI) Fire Department pumper. Monarch heavy-duty cab and chassis; Cummins L9 380-hp engine; Hale Qmax 1,500-gpm pump; Pro Poly 750-gallon polypropylene water tank.