Wildland fire personnel use personal protective equipment (PPE) that is designed and constructed for their special needs, which are different in a number of respects from structural turnout gear, and which include durability, comfort, and protection.

We’ve added lithium-ion battery fires and the accessibility problem of where these batteries are located in electric cars, more than 300 pounds of added combustible metals to new vehicles, and this wonderful new challenge of lithium-ion battery smoke. It is imperative that you do your homework and learn as much about these issues as you can.

Structural turnout gear manufacturers say they see structural PPE continuing to change, improve, and be modified to become more adaptive to firefighters’ needs, yet still provide them with maximum protection.  

Should the driver/operator use an SCBA while on the scene of a working fire? And for clarity, this means actually breathing the SCBA air as opposed to simple wearing the SCBA. Based on emerging information, the answer to that question is yes!  

LION First Responder PPE, Inc., the largest family-owned manufacturer of first responder protective equipment (PPE) in the United States and Weinbrenner Shoe Company, manufacturer of Thorogood brand footwear have entered into a long-term strategic partnership that leverages the strengths of both companies.