In recent weeks, all public safety entities in the Quad-Cities have introduced and expanded specific screening and response protocols for all emergency calls, reports The Daily Courier. It starts with 911 dispatchers asking a series of questions to determine each caller’s potential for having the virus. Prescott Fire Department (PFD) then decided to add an...

Area residents and a business have donated personal protective equipment to first responders at the Superstition Fire and Medical District, reports Daily Independent. Collectively they have donated several N95 face masks, eye protection and medical gloves. Anyone wishing to donate personal protective equipment  should contact Assistant Chief Ochs at [email protected] to make arrangements.
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Myrtle Beach firefighters are taking measures to limit any possible exposure to the coronavirus amid the pandemic, reports Across the board, fire agencies are carrying out similar strategies. That includes having personal protective equipment, namely gowns, eyewear, respirator masks and gloves. The MBFD has canceled training sessions, public education events and limited interaction at...

The Augusta Fire Department has begun using personal protective equipment when responding to medical emergency calls to protect patients and firefighters from exposure to the coronavirus, reports The Augusta Chronicle. When dispatch receives a call regarding a medical emergency, additional screening questions will be asked to the patient for possible COVID-19 symptoms or exposure. Emergency...

The intent of an incident accountability system is to reliably track workers while in the danger zone and improve their safety. A sound accountability system also serves to increase operational effectiveness by allowing for the detailed management of the scene’s workforce.

Elkhart firefighters will receive 40 sets of new body armor due to a Firehouse Subs grant, reports ABC 57. The Elkhart Fire Department will receive around $25,000 from the grant, Fire Chief Steve Kamp said. Bulletproof vests will be utilized by every firefighter on any shift.
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This revision could be considered a cornerstone to much of what is happening in the world of reducing carcinogens and other harmful chemicals in the firefighting environment.