The vehicle is built on a Spartan Metro Star chassis with an all stainless steel body, powered by a Cummins 450-hp ISL 9 diesel engine, and an Allison 3000 EVS automatic transmission. The pumper has a 2,000-gpm Waterous CMUC20 two-stage pump, a 1,000-gallon water tank, a 30-gallon foam tank, and a FoamPro 2001 single-agent foam system.  

Features of the station include a museum that features a 1922 Seagrave pumper and other artifacts; a  hose tower that acts as an urban marker for people entering the city of Brandon along 18thStreet, one of only two means of access to Brandon from the TransCanada Highway; and the incorporation of a province-wide 911 center (excluding Winnipeg) in the administration part of the station.