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Firefighters spend hours training. Our training includes pump and aerial operations, donning turnout gear, hose extending and pulling drills, ceiling breach exercises, forcible entry drills, and victim drags and carries. My 30 years in the fire service have taught me how critical firefighter training is. Quite simply, our lives depend on it. All of us have stories of battling a fire where we feared we might not make it home safely. That's when you know the training you’ve had made a difference.

By Alan M. Petrillo New designs in structural firefighting turnout gear, fire resistant fabrics, new and improved self-contained breathing apparatus (SCBA) designs, and incorporation of thermal imaging systems into SCBA are some of the many product introductions made for firefighters’ personal protective equipment (PPE) at FDIC International 2016. Globe Manufacturing Company debuted its ATHLETIX™ turnout...