Thermal Imaging

I believe that classroom education is extremely valuable, but firefighters experiencing real-life situations using a TI is training that could one day save a life. The best training combines both classroom and real-life learning.
Thermal Imaging

I recently had an opportunity to participate in a large, live-fire training weekend and engaged with many firefighters about thermal imaging (TI). To my surprise, they had a lack of knowledge about their own fire departments’ TI equipment.

During morning coffee with the Raisin Squad, a couple of the old geezers who were real active in the 1970s (and most are IN their 70s today) were reminiscing about the good old days and some of the “other than normal” activities of an impromptu group called The Roof Crew.

Think about the basic colors on your TI display screen. You have “white is hot,” “black is cold,” and “shades of gray” for everything else. Using a TI for conducting patient assessment should take you only a couple of minutes, which can aid in possible treatment.