Think about the basic colors on your TI display screen. You have “white is hot,” “black is cold,” and “shades of gray” for everything else. Using a TI for conducting patient assessment should take you only a couple of minutes, which can aid in possible treatment.

The HERODrag is a foldable, compact, self-contained drag rescue device that can be carried with the shoulder bag or inside the coat or cargo pocket of a firefighter’s personal protective equipment.  
Engine Company

When the fire department responded, the firefighters quickly grabbed the TIC to scan the structure and knocked down the fire. Once they knocked down the fire, they performed overhaul using the TIC and declared the fire out.

When laying out ground ladder storage for a new rig, purchasers should investigate specifying ladders to fit a rig rather than spending big bucks to design a rig to fit the ladders. It might be a lot less expensive.