To the Rescue

There are professional and financial obstacles for firefighters on this island that most of us could never begin to imagine. The dedication shown to expand their knowledge base and hone their craft in spite of these obstacles and challenges reminds me of why I continue to love this “sharing of knowledge.”

Although not “rural” in nature, the inspiration for this article is my reflection on the horrific traffic collision in New Jersey late last month. For those who may not be aware of the incident, while operating at the scene of a highway incident on State Highway 280, an ambulance, a fire engine, New Jersey State Trooper cars, and several motorists vehicles were wiped out by a speeding dump truck that piled into the emergency vehicles

With an appreciation for what NFPA 1936 is and the clear understanding of the new metals and construction techniques of TODAY’S (not circa 1970s-1990s junkyard) vehicles, you will be armed and equipped to “own your rescue tool demos” and make the best purchase for your department.

We’ve added lithium-ion battery fires and the accessibility problem of where these batteries are located in electric cars, more than 300 pounds of added combustible metals to new vehicles, and this wonderful new challenge of lithium-ion battery smoke. It is imperative that you do your homework and learn as much about these issues as you can.

By Carl J. Haddon With the weekend of the Indianapolis 500 race hjaving recently passed, and my background of having spent some 30 years as a Motorsports Fire Safety Chief/Director, I thought it fitting to comingle subjects. Safety is focus number one when dealing with 200+ mph race cars. The dangers associated with being a...