By Alan M. Petrillo What does a newly-formed fire district do to fill out the fleet it needs to serve the public? The Mt. Juliet (TN) Fire Department faced that problem and turned to Pierce Manufacturing for an answer, which came in the form of a contract for two PUC pumpers, a quint aerial ladder,...

As more residential housing and commercial structures get built on the fringes of wildlands, concern grows among fire departments about protecting those areas from the threat of wildland fires.

By Mike Ciampo Welcome to this addition of “Compartment Corner.” From time to time we’ll feature articles on various types of tool compartments and their layouts. In addition, we’ll present photos and video of these compartments and the tools that are in them on different types of fire apparatus. Hopefully, by reading this column, you’ll...

As a one-time owner of a couple of vintage rigs, I can only imagine how much of a project it must be to maintain a fleet as large as Leider's.

Take an inventory of what you do for your organization on occasion and be candid with your self-appraisal. If you are not sure, recommit to your profession so you consistently provide outstanding service as if your choices would impact your loved ones and your personal bottom line.

The class is ideal for any member who operates a fire truck, an ambulance, or a personal vehicle. It also addresses important issues for the chief and line officers, who are ultimately responsible for the operation of any motor vehicle or driver-training program within a department.

Students are guided in how to prepare personnel for the fireground response beforehand. Heavy emphasis is on developing standard operating guidelines.