Take a look at this video shot from the perspective of a civilian, but with a tour by a Palo Alto, California, firefighter as well as video of a quick ride on the Pierce tractor-drawn aerial (TDA). Some cool features on the tiller truck, and an idea of what civilians are thinking about the rigs...

During morning coffee with the Raisin Squad, a couple of the old geezers who were real active in the 1970s (and most are IN their 70s today) were reminiscing about the good old days and some of the “other than normal” activities of an impromptu group called The Roof Crew.

Fire apparatus collectors and enthusiasts enjoy bringing their apparatus to parades, special occasion events, and musters. Some vintage rigs are maintained in the condition they were in at the time of purchase by a collector. Many rigs will undergo a complete refurbishment and come out like they just left the factory.