Out of My Mind

Teamwork. We all talk about how important it is in the fire service. Recently during interviews for entry level firefighter, candidates were asked why it is important or how important it is in this occupation.

The Clover Township (IL) Fire Protection District has taken delivery of this custom heavy rescue built by Alexis Fire Equipment on a Spartan Metro Star cab and chassis.

As seen at the REV Fire Group Apparatus Conference & Expo, the Bullhead City (AZ) Fire Department chose five E-ONE Typhoon pumpers to update its current fleet.

To standardize the fleet, the compartments were designed to store tools similar to their other apparatus. A multi-camera system was added to the Sky-Boom for more accuracy and quicker deployment.
Cantankerous Wisdom

Prior to the committee’s meeting with the preferred vendor, Willie caught wind that the chairman tipped off the vendor to not pay him much attention because Willie was slow, not too smart, and asked really dumb questions. That was a mistake. Sometimes you can push the gentle bear too far.