I found a 30-year-old operational manual for the particular deluge set we were talking about and, just to make things interesting, I’d ask a couple questions each morning. It was fun, and it worked for a while until they got aggravated.

Take a few minutes to think through how your hose will be stored, secured, and deployed on your next apparatus. Work with your FAMA member company to review the myriad methods that can be used to keep hose where it belongs.

The HERODrag is a foldable, compact, self-contained drag rescue device that can be carried with the shoulder bag or inside the coat or cargo pocket of a firefighter’s personal protective equipment.  
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Lithium Ion batteries and a large amount of Class D metals in vehicles are our future. Does your department have the information and training to be able to deal with these new types of fires? Might this information change the way you think about whether or not to stretch a line at vehicle accident scenes?
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When the fire department responded, the firefighters quickly grabbed the TIC to scan the structure and knocked down the fire. Once they knocked down the fire, they performed overhaul using the TIC and declared the fire out.
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All departments are not created equal in any of these regards, and each must do an honest assessment of its resources and capabilities. They must also commit to training to be the best they can possibly be with what they have to work with.