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Hoses are a firefighter’s lifeline, whether providing water, protecting from fire, or even as a pathway out of danger. The various types of hoselines being produced by fire hose manufacturers run from large-diameter supply lines to firefighting handlines for structural and wildland use.

There are many considerations in developing a strategy to deliver water to the fire. The most important of these is firefighters who respond. There need to be enough people for the task, and those firefighters need to be properly trained.

I found a 30-year-old operational manual for the particular deluge set we were talking about and, just to make things interesting, I’d ask a couple questions each morning. It was fun, and it worked for a while until they got aggravated.

Take a few minutes to think through how your hose will be stored, secured, and deployed on your next apparatus. Work with your FAMA member company to review the myriad methods that can be used to keep hose where it belongs.