Are the small repairs that could cost a firefighter his/her life in the field being overlooked? If you hesitated before answering, this might suggest you are not sure what's being overlooked. Why aren’t you sure?

What started out as a quiet Monday morning coffee with the Raisin Squad erupted into a week-long donnybrook about pump operators, relief valves, pressure governors, and why young drivers don’t know how to pump the pump anymore.
Chassis Components

Auxiliary power units (APUs) are getting more and more use on board fire apparatus and ambulance units, with proponents saying the reduced run time and wear and tear on the main engine mean greater savings in terms of fuel, maintenance, cost per run, and return on investment in the APU.
Keeping It Safe

The incidents of emergency response personnel and fire apparatus being struck while operating on the scene are well known. What is not known is how many of these (especially at nighttime) were caused by drivers being blinded by emergency lights.