Clifton’s latest purchase is a 2019 4 Guys 1,750-gallon-per-minute (gpm) pumper on a Spartan Gladiator chassis with a 209-inch wheelbase and 20,000-pound front and 31,000-pound rear gross axle ratings. Booster tank capacity is 1,220 gallons of water with a 20-gallon integral foam tank.

In today’s hyperactive political environment, there are several innuendos and even accusations no fire department wants to encounter—especially in the competitive bidding arena. They are restraint of trade and collusion.
Midwest Fire

Two items are worthy of discussion. The first is the continuing success of what I admiringly call a mom-and-pop fire truck manufacturer. The second is the concept of selling factory direct by choice. Atchison agreed to and gave several in-depth and candid interviews.

In designing the department’s pumpers, the committee’s objective was to expand performance, achieve maximum reliability, and minimize out-of-service time because of repairs and collisions.