The fire trucks are equipped with the ZeroRPM® Idle Mitigation System, specifically engineered for E-ONE apparatus. The idle mitigation system will automatically switch off the fire truck’s chassis engine to power the warning lights, work lights and scene lights.

The heritage of today’s tractor-drawn aerials (TDAs) can be traced back to the late 1800s when the trailers were first given rear steering but were still drawn by horses.

With the addition of 4G modems to PRO-VISION® video recording systems, users can use a 4G connection to easily track their fleet vehicles, receive event notifications and access cameras views—all in real time.

A new $1.4MM ladder truck for the Central Fire Protection District of Santa Cruz County is tentatively scheduled to go into service mid-December, reports The truck is replacing the CFPD’s 2001 Pierce ladder truck, but the ladder truck will remain available for use if needed. The new Rosenbauer expands the tools available to incident...