Cantankerous Wisdom

Prior to the committee’s meeting with the preferred vendor, Willie caught wind that the chairman tipped off the vendor to not pay him much attention because Willie was slow, not too smart, and asked really dumb questions. That was a mistake. Sometimes you can push the gentle bear too far.

If you write purchasing specifications or are contemplating purchasing a new fire truck for structural attack, a grass fire truck, a crash truck for your airport, or an ambulance, you might want to do some research into this proposed standard.

APR Plastic Fabricating is the entity that manufactures fire apparatus bodies and booster tanks. Providing product for the fire service is a result of APR’s experience and expertise in manufacturing specialized tanks for other industries.
FA Viewpoints

Pump panels and how they are arranged can impact various aspects of how a fire apparatus is designed. This month, we ask Bill Adams and Ricky Riley, “What is your ideal pump panel design?