Occasionally a purchasing specification today may still contain the sentence “The purchaser will only accept pricing for a bidder’s top-of-the-line apparatus.” It is probably a remnant of an in-house fire-department-generated specification. It has no quantifiable value, and it may not be easily proven.

What started out as a quiet Monday morning coffee with the Raisin Squad erupted into a week-long donnybrook about pump operators, relief valves, pressure governors, and why young drivers don’t know how to pump the pump anymore.

Clifton’s latest purchase is a 2019 4 Guys 1,750-gallon-per-minute (gpm) pumper on a Spartan Gladiator chassis with a 209-inch wheelbase and 20,000-pound front and 31,000-pound rear gross axle ratings. Booster tank capacity is 1,220 gallons of water with a 20-gallon integral foam tank.
FA Viewpoints

This month, we asked Editorial Advisory Board members Bill Adams (and Ricky Riley: Looking ahead to 2020, what do you want to see in the fire apparatus rolling off the line?